Regardless of what business you are in, it’s most likely that your company ends up selling a product or a service to its customers. Every business deals with sales every day. One thing that is common between all companies across the world is that every business needs to acquire new clients regularly to survive and strive. The main mission is to convince the target audience of a brand’s promise and gain trust and to achieve that companies must be professionally presented to the public; in other words, companies must be well advertised.

Stankevicius’s Partner Program is about adding PR and advertising services to your company’s business model and offering it to your existing clients and potential leads. Every company needs marketing as distinguishing themselves from their competitors is becoming harder within each day. Professional PR and advertising services could be precisely what your business clients are looking for. Join Stankvicius Network and grow your own business with it.

What is the Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is a business partnership between the Stankevicius company and your company. In addition to your current business model, the main objective is to offer Stankevicius PR and advertising services to your clients. It doesn't matter which industry you are in, or what product or service you provide. Just so long as you are in business with other companies, you can easily add new marketing services to your business offering and sell them to your clients.

Who is the Partner Program for?

The Stankevicius Partner Program is for entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs and large enterprises who have good client relations, seek to grow and foster their own business, and most importantly, are success driven through strong sales performance.

Can Agencies Become a Partner?

The Stankevicius Partner Program also extends to marketing and communication agencies as well as information technology development agencies that are well connected with clients and have active sales teams.

What are the Benefits for Partners?

The Partner Program expands business opportunities, provides enormous brand visibility, increased traffic, increased sales and revenues for our partners. We provide free marketing via our marketing channels for partners that have recently joined. The main program benefit is the business growth that partners receive. We compensate our partners with up to 50% of the income from the profits of the closed deals that partners provide to us. Additionally, our top partners are provided with travel and accommodation to important client meetings and international conferences.

Necessary Training and Materials

Stankevicius will provide introductory training and sales coaching to new partners to help them become professional business developers and gain stronger experience in selling. Company overview and service materials will be provided by the company as well. We will carry out compulsory training for each partner as this will prepare them for successful selling and future success.

Become a Partner